5k Map

5K Map

Start/Finish at first light pole south of Blumrich on Winter Street.

South to footpath through center of GVSU Campus building. Go east through campus and onto Front. Veer left and go past the white sculpture near the blue bridge to the Riverwalk path.

Follow the path north, around the carousel, under Pearl Street and under Bridge Street to just south of Fish Ladder. Veer left along drive to Front Street. Go north past Sixth Street to turnaround.

Follow front Street back to Fourth, turn right to Scribner. Turn left/south on Scribner to Bridge Street. Turn left on Bridge Street to entrance to A Nab Awen Park near the river. Turn right onto footpath. Follow the course back under Pearl, around the carousel, past the white sculpture to the finish line.

Mile 1—Downspout on the side of the Varnum building.

Turnaround—10 feet north of the manhole at the center of Kendall Lighting center’s north driveway.

Mile 2 — On Scribner, at north end of the railing around the parking structure for Bridgewater Place.

Mile 3—at center of YMCA building

At Winter Street on the return, 10K route turns south, 5K turns north to the finish.